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You can also enter your own keyword(s) such as:      Name of actor or director     Name of a musician or band     Name of athlete or team Title of book or author    Title of album, song, or concert   Title of a movie or TV show    Popular movement    Important idea    Historical event


Books and DVDs

Visit our Online Catalog to find printed books and DVDs in the library.

Type in your keywords or pick author or title or subject from the drop-down list, and get a list of titles. Click Availability to see which campus has the item, which collection it is in, and if the item is available for check out. The call number tells you where the item is located on the shelf.  


Databases* (Online Articles, Streaming Video, Online Resources)

Academic OneFile

In addition to using search terms in a keyword search, Academic OneFile lets you search in a way that gives you a good overview of the amount of articles on a certain subject.  For example: click on Subject Guide Search bar and enter popular culture as a search term.  Click on the link for Subdivisions to find articles on specific topics within the overall subject of popular culture.



Access journal articles by entering your keyword(s) into the Search box.  OmniFile also lets you search by subject. Click the Advanced Search link and select SU Subject from the drop-down Select a Field (optional) menu to the right of the search box.


The American Mosaic databases contain articles on people, events, history and culture of African Americans, American Indians, and Latinos.    



Access non-scholarly and up-to-the-moment newspaper articles from around the country, and around the world.   For national news, select USA from the search shortcuts. You also may select state news, or world news from the list of search shortcuts


Pop Culture Universe

Search by keyword for your topic. Under Browse Topics, you can browse by eras.



American Mosaic Pop Culture eBooks

Click on a letter from the A-Z list to browse topics by alphabet. Select eBook search for advanced search options. Please be aware that these books were published before 2010, and may not contain the newest events or most current figures. 


eBook Collection (EBSCO)  

Type in your keyword(s) to see results from all titles.  You may also search by typing in popular culture as a keyword search, and then selecting the Subject link in the left side bar to narrow your list.  


Gale Virtual Reference Library

Complete, full-text eBooks covering most topics, including subject-specific encyclopedias. For a general search, enter popular culture as a keyword search, by using a suggested search term from the list at the top of this page, or using your own keyword.  Remember that these are subject-specific encyclopedias, so you'll want to keep your search terms broad. 


Pop Culture eBooks

Use the Quick Search by keyword for your topic. Search by era under Browse. There is also the category Popular Culture under Subject Category.


Magazines (can circulate after 2 months)

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly covers film, television, music, theater, books, and popular culture, with critical reviews and entertainment media news.


Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone includes features on musical artists, music reviews, movie reviews, and political stories.


Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is one of the leading sports magazines in the world that features a wide range of sports-related articles, including columns written by the leading sports analysts and announcers.



TIME is a news magazine that covers what is happening in the worlds of health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment.


*Databases and eBooks are available only to CAC students, faculty and staff. For this reason, authorized users who are off-campus must log in through Blackboard to access online journal articles and eBooks.  If you are an authorized user and are prompted for a password, please click here to get to Blackboard. In Blackboard, select 'CAC Library Resources,' then select 'All Articles and eBooks.' You should then be able to use the database you would like to access.  The online catalog and the web sites do not require log-in; anyone can use them.